Papa’s wrath

I experienced wrath–Papa style!–this weekend.  My 5-year-old has an ear infection, and he’s been crying and screaming in pain pretty much non-stop since Saturday morning until this morning (Monday).  The infection has been receiving my hate-rays for 2 days now.  And MAN, if I had psychic powers, those little bacterial bastards would be vaporized by now. 

Wayne Jacobsen (one of Paul Young’s collaborators on THE SHACK) defines God’s wrath as “the full force of God’s being set against that which threatens the object of his affection.”

Man oh MAN, does that describe how I feel.  And this can be a confusing experience for my kid; after all, I am staring at his head with hate in my eyes.  He’s even experiencing me “being mean” to him, making him swallow nasty medicines and putting drops in his ears that sting, even though he keeps begging me to stop.

He may not understand the situation very well, but I’m going to obliterate those pieces of $#%* that are hurting him.  And when it’s over, I’ll still have my son and he will be safe.

Whenever the Bible talks about God’s wrath and anger, THIS is what’s going on.

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