Eph 2.1-10 – We’ve already been raised to heaven

(2.1) You were utterly lifeless, totally stuck in un-boundaried ways of living, (2) just like the rest of the world, following the world’s all-pervading spirit of darkness. (3) We were all once in that same place, just doing what felt good at the time, but then getting stuck with the nasty consequences.

(4) But Papa, who overflows with kindness, (5) because she loved us even when we were dead, resurrected us when she resurrected Jesus.  Union with Jesus is her free gift to us!  (6) In Jesus, Papa raised us to heaven and seated us next to her, (7) so that we can spend forever experiencing just how far her kindness goes.  (8) It is her kindness alone that is making us whole as we come to believe the truth about her. Even our believing itself is Jesus’ accomplishment, (9) not ours, so we can’t even brag about that. (10) We are what she made us in Master Jesus—agents of goodness, exactly what Papa always meant for us to be.

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